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How A Facility Management Software and Solutions Company Is Empowered With A Customized Software Applications From The 1990s Enhanced With Features of AutoCAD, And A Web Interface Through nCircle Tech

About the Customer

Our client is a Facility Management Software Solutions company. It uses faciliCAD as an application to facilitate, monitor and manage space, employees and other relevant assets. The company’s faciliCAD program gives a view of space, people and assets along with and additional features for move management and lifecycle asset management. The company’s clientele ranges across multiple verticals from Architectural Firms, Defense Contractors, Education, Healthcare, Military, R&D Facilities, Insurance, Manufacturing, Military and so on.

The Goal

The company wanted to upgrade its legacy faciliCAD program to make it market competent for 2020. The program
needed to accredit the company’s clientele to be able to operate the facility management system with more ease,convenience, and effectiveness. It had to be more user-friendly, enhanced with features from current AutoCAD, allow more run-time manipulations, decrease load time and provide accuracy of data.

With no loss in quality, the company wished to provide for a system which not only makes their CAD application systematized but also provides for an additional offering for users to access and share data as well as reports through any web browser on computers mobile device, and tablets with absolute sync in data.

The Solution

  • nCircle Tech took the existing CAD program of the company and redesigned it to provide a better user interface and user experience with customization in filters, plugins, accessibility, and view
  • The input and presentation of data was upgraded to remove ambiguity and provide absolute accuracy by using Forge Platform (Supported by Autodesk)
  • nCircle Tech developed an algorithm in the software to allow clients to make more run-time manipulations thus saving on time and expediting decision-making
  • Data syncing which was earlier not possible was made available with a reduction in overall load time
  • nCiecle Tech have added Animations, Improved, Responsive and User-Friendly User interface using latest frameworks (Vue.js, Bootstrap)
  • Finally, nCircle Tech built and enabled the desktop-only version into web application too
  • All within the defined timelines!


  • The system allows a better user experience with an upgraded facility products to the latest Autodesk technologies; to suit the needs of the company’s clientele spread across verticals to be able to do more with ease and convenience
  • The possibilities of error have been removed and the new system provides data with accuracy
  • Data can be manipulated on a run-time basis with new inputs
  • The waiting time is reduced to enable faster load time by using WebGl/three.js based forge viewer (Cutting Edge Technologies) which improves the performance and reduces time
  • The upgraded faciliCAD system is viewable through any web application with sync in data and its representation

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