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Over the past decade, Autodesk has made its mark developing Forge-based applications that became the backbone of many AEC industry workflows. Autodesk web development platform, Forge, is for developers, dealers, customers — anyone — to develop and create their workflows and products.

Being one of the first certified Autodesk Forge integration partners, nCircleTech is serving global AEC customers for 5+ years leveraging our expertise to build a multitude of Forge-based 3D applications. nCircleTech’s experts help you conceptualize, design, develop and deploy your 3D apps providing robust, scalable, secure customisations within the shortest possible time.

You can create anything from process automation, connected workflows to connect teams or visualize your data better using Forge-based developments. Here are some of our prominent Forge-based developments that helped our clients scale their businesses to the next level giving them a competitive edge in the AEC industry.

Customised 3D Web Viewer Based on Forge

This customisation was done within 30 days to be demonstrated in AU2020 (last year). With easy access through a desktop, users can scroll down the page, zoom in and out, and navigate easily between articles and browse pages that were developed within the past 30 days. Our team developed a good number of features like loading multiple drawings together (Plumbing Routes, Electrical Routes, and HVAC), applying various parameters to routes, and storing data (applied parameters) in JSON Format.

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CAFM based application developed on Web using Forge

Utilizing FORGE and design automation API to design innovative workflows for the CAFM (computer-aided facility management), we developed a web app for converting AutoCAD drawing to Forge using Model Derivative API, Viewer API Implementation, Data management and User Management API. The web application can easily facilitate your facility management anywhere, anytime, every time simplifying Data, Tracking and Reporting using Forge. This development lets you add AutoCAD floor plan in Forge Viewer supporting multiple features like Hatch patterns, Model viewer, Data management, Printing functionality, Report functionality.

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Drawing Management Application in Forge based Viewer featuring 4D scheduling and Installation 

The customised Forge Viewer with a Drawing management application is developed for 2D drawings and 3D models using Model Derivative APIs. With an easy option to embed a viewer in a web page or any browser-based application, the viewer API allows you to control and customize the viewer that can pan, zoom out, and zoom in as if the satellite map and viewer are a single window. Developed within a 6 months cycle, a Forge-based viewer with drawing management application supports multiple features such as 4D scheduling, Panel installation, and simulations that can help the initial analysis of the site and cost estimations.

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Developed Forge Based File Management System within 45 days

File management is the process of administering a system that correctly handles digital data. Therefore, an effective file management system improves the overall function of a business workflow. Our team developed Forge-based File Management System for our client that supports multiple file-formats along with multiple supporting features like Annotation, Measurement, Layer Management, Different display modes, Sections, Assembly list display, Custom Print/Screenshot, Crystal clear zoom, and Integration with an existing web app. This customised system can also organize important data and provide a searchable database for quick retrieval.

Delivered a Forge based Product Configurator

Our team designed Forge-based Product Configurator for a French Client enabling them to adopt optimum components and properties in the design phase making sure to meet user expectations as far as possible in the finished model. Customised configurators optimally cover all your user needs and requirements along with various features like multi-featured UI, multi-model viewer, loaded Revit schedules, exported PDFs, comments/remarks, and exported annotations to BCF. 

Synchronised Viewer on Forge and Potree based Viewer for Point Cloud

Forge Viewer is a javascript-based viewer for 2D drawings and 3D models served by Autodesk’s Model Derivative API whereas Potree Viewer is a point cloud viewer that enables exploration and measurement of very large LiDAR datasets. Combining both these entities, we have developed an integrated 3D viewer that can simultaneously load the BIM model and point cloud model in a single window providing better scope for comparison, auditing, and planning. Additionally, this customised 3D viewer can support features like Navigation Sync (rotation, pan, zoom-in/out), Compare the Point cloud file with Revit file with efficient web browser compatibility.

compare model

Integrated Construction management application using Forge

With a goal to make construction business processes a lot easier through automation, we customised a construction management application integrated with BIM360 docs, Autodesk Forge, BIM 360 FIELD, and Procore. With a combination of multiple platforms, this application can help companies to automate budget management, communication, decision-making, job scheduling, and more. The custom application comes with multiple additional features like report system and dashboard, plan-scan feature, iOS, and Android support.

Developed a Forge based Sequence Configurator

With Forge, we successfully developed and deployed a configurator that enables clients to configure designs allowing project managers to know exactly what will be delivered and gives them an option to order assemblies straight from their mobile devices. The configurator covers various aspects such as User Interface Modification, State and Sequence configurator, Object Location, and View Definition with custom user interaction in the Forge Viewer


Forge based viewer comes with numerous possibilities, customisations, and developments. May it be web-based viewer, viewer behaviour customisation, navigation control, or efficient planning of your project, you can do anything and everything with Forge Viewer Customisations. Working on 20+ custom forge developments, nCircleTech has developed a range of very useful custom build Forge customisations in line with the specific requirement of our customers. Our Forge-based custom developments can enhance your project workflows, construction management, and 3D data visualization to the next level.     

Talk to us if you are using Forge or Forge-based software. We can help you with Forge-based customisations to boost your efficiency to the next level. You can also explore the range of our CAD & BIM plugins customisations to stay ahead of your competition by building enhancing your products.

To learn more about nCircleTech’s Autodesk Forge-based custom solutions, click here

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