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Having built 25+ custom plugins and add-ons for Revit, I feel that Revit is a very powerful tool that provides you the ability to custom-build specific features helping you work faster and in an efficient manner. Having these customizations on hand is only one part of the story. These custom-built plugins improve certain features in Revit or improve their workflow, and automate repetitive, time-consuming tasks to extend their functionality.

Whether you’re an architect, structural engineer, designer, or MEP engineer, these useful custom built plugins can help you understand what customisations can be built on Revit to increase your efficiency. Created by nCircle’s Revit Development experts, I am sharing recent examples of our super specialised work requested by our clients globally.

Revit based Brick configurator

Revit is one of the most powerful BIM products on the market; however, until recently, its ability to create exact estimation for masonry was somewhat limited. Now, with the custom Revit based Brick configurator, you can not just estimate but also configure the masonry with very less room for errors and accurate valuation for the ordering and planning.

Basically, the brick configurator plugin helps you create three-dimensional models showing masonry-detailed wall types using unlimited custom options. Architects and engineers can easily add openings for windows, doors as the software analyzes the geometry including corners specifications, layout and cuts to automatically recalculate the overall wall geometry.

With just clicks of a mouse and mentioned specifications, this plugin can give you exact estimations for precise amounts of building material required without requiring waste allowances.

If you are looking to build any configurator on Revit which leads to cost-saving along with accuracy in estimation and ordering, reduced errors in ordering, substantial enhancement in productivity, we can surely help you build on the idea.

revit 01

Demo Video – https://youtu.be/v43kgKdxOng

Cloud-based Revit Family Content Management System

An hour spent today could save you five to ten hours over the course of a period.

How often do you end up with the frustration of trying to retrieve a Revit file/family that you created a few days back? Now, Relieve the frustration of file retrieval across applications and bring all your content together in one interface with a cloud-based Revit Family content management system.

This addon can become handy for you not just to find the exact family you’re looking for in seconds but can preview it before you load it into your project file. It enables you to use cloud-based templates for the rapid component build, create family files, use template family files using Revit that can be stored as .RFA file format for easy access.

If you are also dealing with Revit families, why not create something very similar to this CMS solution.

revit 02

Rule-Based Engine on Revit for Model Validation – Model Rule Checker (Revit Plugin)

For the AEC industry, assurance to compliance at a distance of a single click can avoid rework that might happen downstream. Hence, a Revit plugin for automatic model rule checking designed to run a customised standards checks as per the specific needs of your organisation can be great value addition.

Custom-built Rule-Based Engine on Revit can solve intrinsic Problems in Safety Planning, Design, and Execution providing an opportunity to eradicate hazards before they appear on the site. This add-on generates automated reports to get rational validation and automated model rule checking to avoid any possible errors, issues and hazards which can consume a lot of your time in iterations.

With this add-on, not only can you view the rule checking report but you can efficiently view all problems into real-time 3D providing you effective visualization.

revit 03

Demo Video – https://youtu.be/cVYFXKOVT64

Construction Project Management Application Revit Plugin

What’s more important than effortlessly managing your high-powered data queries and construction sequencing. With a dedicated Revit Plugin for Construction Project Management, you can make your Autodesk Revit model and your project schedule work together more seamlessly.

The plugin lets you import your data directly from a web app, detect the assets and metadata directly from the Revit model, and helps you export building model data into your project management web portal making it easily available for all stakeholders.

Export data points from the project management platform database into the web application for tracking the location of different elements in a room. If you are looking to save time, monitor each project phase, and have all information at your fingertips, we can help you customise a Revit Plugin to manage your projects better.

revit 04

Automated placement of electrical devices/components inside Revit

Are you able to easily incorporate exact electrical devices? Are most of your design time goes into finding and fetching the right electrical devices into the design?

The answer to your concerns is a custom plugin on Revit developed for one of our clients providing automated placement of electrical devices/components inside the Revit model with added logic for loading the families of different electrical devices/components into the building model.

The addon features added logic for placing receptacles, switches and other devices by auto handling different placement conditions. It can also save your time overheads and augment your design efficiency with bug fixing features to quickly identify design bugs along with easy bug fixes saving a lot of your time.


In the AEC Industry, customisations come with the biggest benefit of speed with accuracy, along comes the reduced cost that can be supported by state of the art Revit Plugins and Addons. A range of very useful custom build Revit plugins are developed in line with the specific requirement of our customers. These plugins and addon customisations are minimally invasive, easy to adopt and something that does not require training of existing workforce.

Talk to us to explore how you can utilise Revit based plugin customisations to boost your efficiency to another level. You can also explore the range of our CAD & BIM plugins customisations to stay ahead of your competition by building enhancing your products.

Author: Varun Bhartiya, CEO & Co-founder, nCircleTech

Varun is the ‘Chief Storyteller’ at nCircle. In 2012, he incorporated nCircle Tech with a mission to create an impact in the 3D Visualization software industry by developing cutting-edge solutions and providing delightful service to passionate innovators of the industry. With a superlative team by his side, Varun has been casting magic spells by delivering extraordinary and impactful applications to clients globally. He firmly believes in setting processes and driving organisation systematically. His genius is in the simplicity he brings to his work and the ease with which he is able to decipher the most complex engineering challenges. He is extremely passionate about design, technology but above all, people. His mercurial personality has contributed significantly to forming ‘circles of trust’ with our clients, partners, and employees.

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nCircle Tech (inCorporated in 2012) empowers passionate innovators to create impactful 3D visualization software for desktop, mobile, and cloud. Our domain expertise in CAD-BIM customization drives automation with the ability to integrate advanced technologies like AI/ML and VR/AR; empowers our clients to reduce time to market and meet business goals. nCircle has a proven track record of technology consulting and advisory services for the AEC and Manufacturing industry across the globe. Our team of dedicated engineers, partner ecosystem, and industry veterans are on a mission to redefine how you design and visualize.



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