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Flair 3D

An Online 3D & Digital Twin viewer for Engineering, Construction and Real Estate Industry.
A Centralized cloud platform for storing, sharing and reviewing 3D models to solve your challenges by providing solutions for Complicated workflow, Loss of time and money.
Get your hands on the first ever platform with Open API connecting other applications to create digital twins with software as a service (SAAS) | Easy to use | Access any time anywhere | Reduced data search and response time

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Ares Kudo

A Cloud based CAD Platform with every possible 2D features to Create, View and Modify DWG drawings online on browser without any installing or updating.
A Centralized Cloud Platform for storing, sharing and reviewing 3D models to solve your challenges by providing solutions for Complicated workflows.
Level up Your Workflows and Go Seamless
View, Present or Edit Anywhere
Cloud’s most agile CAD solution for DWG drawings

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BIM Service

Step Into A World Of infinite Possibilities with our Range of Engineering & Software Services in BIM.

– 2D to 3D Modelling & Rendering
– Clash Detection and Coordination, Auditing
– Scan to BIM (Manual + Scan to BIM Automation Software)
– Plugin Development on various BIM software

– Dynamo and Design Process Automation

– Software Automation, Integration and Customization

Turn your business idea into reality. Understand customer business challenges, user-centric behavior and vision to deliver a technology solution. View our range of various BIM services.

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Autodesk Forge Flyer

We are the leading system integrators for Autodesk Forge with expertise in Forge based custom 3D Cloud & Mobile Applications ranging from Forge Integrations, Custom APIs, Forge Based Enhancements and Product Configurators.

Now, turn your business idea into reality with our range of Forge based development capabilities. View our range of various Forge services solving business challenges and addressing user-centric requirements.

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BIM 360 Flyer

Spending too much time on your Manual BIM workflows?
Are you using a single platform to connect, organize and optimize your projects?

Now, Automate your BIM workflow to save time overheads with 100% accuracy and turn your business workflow ideas and innovations into reality with our range of BIM 360 custom flow automation.

Know more on How BIM 360 Custom Workflow Automation turns your overheads into revenues.

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