BIM and CAD Workflow Automation

BIM workflow automation significantly benefits project outcomes. The development of a Building Information Model relies on the repetitive application of rules for each building element. It is also one of the most efficient ways to ensure model quality and avoid human errors. With our team of experts, you can automate BIM processes to streamline the repetitive workflow and improve collaboration.

Marquee Projects

  • Ordering Tool Featuring Browser-based 3D Visualization of Construction Machine Parts
  • 5D BIM Cost Estimation & Quantity Take-Offs
  • Automated family generation based on parameters
  • Custom rule-based validation module in Revit
  • Automation of routing between components, isometric drawing creation in Electrical CAD system
  • Enable modular construction using guidelines and library-based designs
  • Integrate BIM with CAD systems to sync data directly and automatically (Connected Construction)

Manufacturing Workflow Automation

Manufacturing is one of the most robust, long lasting and real world impacting industry across the globe. Over time, this industry has focused on scaling production by leveraging the fine art of industrial engineering, process engineering, and monitoring product quality using automation. Automating process workflows reduces manual processes, ensuring enriched quality and productive operations management. Over these years we have worked with different global manufacturing behemoths and software companies alike, to design applications for business process improvement, optimizing supply chain, automating your workflows and approvals or improving order processing.

Marquee Projects

  • Automatic plant design from schematics to Plant3D files
  • Nesting applications for Optimized use of space
  • Automation of Drafting of product models into multiple CAD software, CAD-CAM integration, CAD Renderer integration, Export plugins (OBJ, WebGL, STL, etc.)
  • Automated 3D to 2D sheet generation, Automated 3D content generation using parametric modeling
  • First article inspection report automation.
  • Automated isometric drawings generation from CAD models
  • Additive manufacturing rule checker module for CAD
  • CAD to PDM/PLM integration
  • CAD migration and maintenance
  • Automated 3D to 2D sheet generation, Automated 3D content generation using parametric modeling

Web Technology Stack

Full Stack React Angular JavaScript NodeJS Vue.js TypeScript

Open Source & Cloud Technology Stack

Java Spring Hibernate AWS OpenGL WebGL

BIM Construction Managament

BIM360 Plangrid Procore Aconex Viewpoint

Geometry Kernel

Acis Parasolid C3D Kubotek KCM OpenJSCAD Solids++solid Open CASCADE


iseek vizseek 3D industries 3D Part Finder yowza Geolus Exalead Enfinio ShapeSpace 3DSearchIT

CAD and BIM plugin Development

AutoCAD Revit Inventor Solidworks NX SolidEdge Rhino Vectorworks 3dsMAX Maya Navisworks Fusion 360 Sketchup Creo Plant3D ArchiCAD Tekla Microstation SpaceClaim Onshape

3D Cloud Based Visualization

Autodesk Forge HOOPS Communicator Three.JS ODA(Teigha) cloud Potree WebGL Babylon.JS Rednet BIMsync Canvas3D Fovia iModeljs Sketchup Free BloomCE

3D Desktop Based Visualization

HOOPS Visualize ODA(Teigha) Visualize Open Cascade VTK Eyeshot Structure Open inventor NGRAIN WPF3D Unity3D OpenGL Kosmos Unreal REDSDK Fuzor SDK Ares Touch

3D Mobile based Visualization

Mobile 3D Graphics (M3G) Xamarin Cocos3D HOOPS Visualize OpenGL ES Ionic framework Unity3D Swift programming language for iOS Scenekit Sceneform Unreal


HOOPS Exchange Datakit ODA(Teigha) Interop RealDWG HOOPS Publish 3D Interop STEPTools CADExchanger CoreTechnology 3D Evolution OpenCascade

Virtual Reality

Vuforia Three.JS Babylon.js Unity3D Unreal

Augmented Reality

Google ARCore ARKit Vuforia awe.js Google Cloud Vision API CraftAR by Catchoom

Data Management/Storage

Google Drive Dropbox Box Egnyte

3DPDF Export

Hoops Publish Datakit ODA(Teigha) Publish Adobe PDF library 3DPDFSDK (nCircleTech)


Tesseract Calamari OCR ocropy


Jetcam Expert Packit4me Boxpacker NestProfessor Astrokettle 3D Bin Packing 3DBP 3D Bin Packing Git Topseng 3D Bin Pack

Manual & Automation QA

Ranorex T-Plan Robot AutoIt v3 Selenium