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Jewelry design automation Solution

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We all love getting Name Pendant, Name Ring, Name bracelets, etc.. customized as per our wish. Last year we were talking to one such Online Jewelry providers into Name Pendants. She expressed an immediate need to automate the process of converting the custom names shared by the end users into Designs which can be directly shared with Laser cutting vendor. Since nCircle has always been an expert in automating workflows, this was an interesting task for our team. We made the Solution very quickly and saved several hours of manual labor that goes into converting the custom names into pendant designs for manufacturing.

Our solution helps Jewelry designers and Manufacturers in improving their productivity by up to 90% and reducing production costs, by building custom features in their Jewelry CAD software especially Rhino through design workflow automation tools.

Here’s a simple workflow that helped one of our clients bring productivity improvement in their jewelry business for Name Pendants.

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