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Jewellery Configurator

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Jewelry Industry is slowly picking up and adopting new Visual Technologies to automate their processes and provide feel good factors to their end users. This includes providing online viewing the designs in 3D before purchase, Providing opportunity of customization in designs, Virtual Tryon, AI styling assistant, Virtual Reality stores, etc..

nCircle Tech developed 3D Jewelry Configurator to help Jewellery manufacturers and sellers do better Marketing and Presentation to end users with configurations and customization for added appeal and reduced iteration time with responsive and realistic 360 view for each configuration.

Current Pain Points

  • End-to-End Customization is limited.
  • Design Overlaying is done manually.
  • Reshaping & restructuring the jewelry designs is restricted.
  • Engraving on jewelry is very limited.

Benefits of 3D Jewelry Configurator

  • Providing Unique experience of Customisation in the hands of end buyers
  • The CAD design file of the jewelry is Rendered automatically in cloud for defined path and animation. 360 views are generated using these rendered images which can be used in the Website for each configuration.

How is our Jewelry Different 

  • Environment and light setup available
  • Setting up different materials (Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, Platinum, etc..) is available
  • Setting up camera and path for 360 view images
  • Prepare 360 views from rendered images for further automated use in website
  • Preloaded customizations already saved which allows end users to choose and make their own designs
  • It allows Customised Engraving on designs
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