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ML Powered Scan to BIM

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ML Powered Scan to BIM

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Scan to BIM helps create as-built BIM Models for retrofit, refurbishment and renovation projects for architects, retailers, surveyors and main contractors.

Staying true to our DNA of innovation, transformation and customization with empathy at the core of our activities, we taught our machines to identify BIM objects from scanned point cloud data and make Scan-to-BIM a level easier and convenient thus superior and smarter using the power of Machine Learning. At nCircle, we have developed a Machine Learning (ML) powered Scan-to-BIM framework, which automatically identifies and locates the multiple objects in a point cloud and assigns different color code to different category of objects for easy visualization.

Scan-to-BIM has positively impacted two main aspects of daily efforts – saving on time and saving on money among many other advantages.

The way we developed the Scan-to-BIM framework allows you to follow the general workflow but reduces the cognitive-load required for visualization. While loading the 3D point cloud model into the software of your interest as an intermediate stage we process it through the Scan-to-BIM framework which gives you the same model with the annotations in the “Viewing mode”. Our framework locates and identifies the various objects present in the point cloud model and categorizes them with different colour codes.

Advantages of Machine learning powered ScantoBIM solution and services

  • Faster turnaround time because we use an ML based algorithm to extract features from Point cloud data
  • The output can be read into any BIM software
  • The ML algorithm is trained on huge amount of data
  • In the early stages of the project life cycle, errors can be avoided, and rework costs reduced
  • Very limited people need to visit the site to collect data using 3D scanners
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