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ML powered Safety Detection

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ML powered Safety Detection

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This solution is based on onsite safety during and post COVID. We cannot rule out human presence on site from our industry. However, their safety is now an integral element of your planning.

This solution allows you to detect the compliance and non compliance of safety guidelines. In case any non-compliance is detected, concerned supervisors can be alerted along with a screen capture of the worker. The solution here is demonstrated for wearing face masks and its detection in case of not wearing it. This solution allows you to identify people wearing masks or those who are unmasked.

The same concept can be applied for other safety equipment as well. The solution can alarm the operator if someone is found without a mask or essential safety equipment. 

The idea is to automatically capture such violations and inform the supervisor to take corrective action. Thus increasing the safety at jobsite, perhaps can even help you with the insurance. 

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