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ML powered BIM
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The market for AI solutions, and especially those guided by voice is booming. The AI market is expected to reach $300.26 billion by 2026, up from $15.70 billion in 2017. That’s tremendous!

NLP based “CAD Assistant” is focused on providing a Voice-Based UI for CAD Software for commands that are frequently used by draftsmen and their reviewers. The “BIM Assistant” works in the same fashion for industry professionals like architects, new entrants, and other non-technical stakeholders.

While building the assistant has been tremendously rewarding, the process was by no means an easy one. A key challenge faced during the inception of this Assistant was deciphering various kinds of sentences with similar semantics. We resolved it using a common server architecture comprised of Neural Networks and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to resolve and understand the command and respond with detailed instructions to the client machine, where our app-specific plugin converted these instructions into actions.

The aim of developing this assistant was to make life simpler for various stakeholders across the board. Here’s how it can help:

1. Reviewers

Usually, modelers/designers face problems while modifying/selecting particular items from bigger models. Reviewers can now view the required model better with more clarity. For example, if you want to view the Floor I plan in Revit, you can simply ask your assistant to show the Floor I plan and your assistant, guided by a voice command will show you that view of the model, rather than choosing which view and how to get there

2. CAD assistant for Non-CAD Operators

For people who are non operators, there is no need for technical jargon when all you have to do is give simple voice commands. The operator does not need to have a complete technical know how of CAD in order to operate this assistant. You can learn functionalities like extruding the file, selecting features from the model tree or even deleting features from the model tree

3. New entrants

New entrants in the market often have trouble using basic features and understanding complex functionalities. The voice command based assistant ensures ease of access and seamless interactions, that leave no space for ambiguity and confusion. It also provides suggestions that enhance their learning and retention. Generic commands can also be used for all BIM apps, thus making it absolutely simple to use.

4. Constant learning

This assistant avoids the need for different BIM/CAD applications. It can also recognize non-native English speakers, with different grammar semantics. We’ve got your back!

5. Effective presentation

Imagine a non-technical person taking an investor/ client through the presentation which is voice-based. That’s where we are headed. This assistant enables seamless presentations for external stakeholders and customizes the presentation according to different business plans. It can take all commands to showcase the plan or run the program effectively, which is a great selling point or a point of attraction for investors.

Right now, we’re in a phase where we’re automating only the most basic processes, but as we grow, so will the functionalities and capabilities of these assistants. A few features that we can include are as following:

  • Add your own commands to a pre-existing assistant
  • Advanced NLP for complex commands ( SharpNLP )
  • Multiple software support
  • The rise of text to voice assistants for daily usage
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