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ML based OCR


ML Based OCR

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Our ML powered OCR Solution looks at the object as a “whole”. It scans all the available data on the document and considers every word as interrelated to each other. The program is designed to accept that the data always has some purpose and everything it has scanned so far must lead somewhere as a whole. Once the data is extracted the OCR program analyzes it and comes up with a final result on its own. OCR is a smart program which can perform as a human (using the available data and learning)

Our Solution’s Benefits.

nCircle’s ML powered OCR solution captures and converts tons of construction documents, including highly complicated project plans into a well-categorized text format. This format is easy to edit and easy to share. It further boosts productivity and improves the documentation. It enhances efficiency through:

  • Identifying all the text in the document irrespective of its size and complexity with accuracy
  • Precision in the interpretation of data. For e.g. “6017” is misinterpreted as six zero ‘I’ seven or six ‘o’ one ‘z’. With our ML powered OCR, this situation is overridden
  • Ability to read text despite multiple alignment or orientations in one document
  • Capture and convert text from labels of objects with correctness for input into the facility management system or for any further use
  • Reduction of human error through complete and correct data extraction
  • Customization in our machine learning to read words, numbers, and/or letters
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