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AI based Optimized Heterogeneous Object Bin Packing

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AI based Optimized Heterogeneous Object Bin Packing

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Artificial Intelligence can help 3D printing and BIN Packing to achieve new levels of complexities.

Packing optimization of objects in printer volume can significantly contribute to greater efficiency in 3D printing in terms of time, output and cost reduction.

The effectual 3D Printing can be done by optimizing and stabilizing the packing of irregularly shaped objects in printing space.
For 3d printing, printing space or printing volume is limited depending on the printer model.
The next best thing would be making use of all the available space to print a maximum number of items in one go.

Out of various inputs (objects) such as a well-defined square, cube, triangle, and spheres etc, there are items that do not have equal sides and angles with an asymmetrical edge. Such objects are termed as irregularly shaped objects. The definition of a regular shape is that all the sides are equal and all the inside angles are equal whereas irregular shapes have sides and angles of any length and size.

Printing irregularly shaped objects are space-consuming items for printing input. Since they are to be printed individually to avoid a collision or inter-mixed printed output. We definitely don’t want two objects fused or connected with each other which are to be separated out by cutting unless requirement says so.

This can be done by rearranging all the irregular items in such a way that most objects/items are printed in one go. But the most time consuming as well as laborious work would be trying out various arrangements of each individual object in the bunch repeatedly with all other objects.
Using artificial intelligence techniques, a computer can iterate over various possible placements for the object in a way that the final outcome would be optimal. This topic is part of combinatorial optimization.

Similarly while packing objects visual representation is not the only aspect to be considered. Object fragility, mass, and multiple other aspects are there. If one is manually doing orientations for hundreds of objects considering all the aspects it would take him/her a lengthy amount of time.

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