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ML Powered Scan
to BIM

Identify BIM objects from scanned point cloud data and make Scan-to-BIM smarter to execute and superior to gain results

ML based Automatic
Feature Recognition

Extract, group and learn the distribution of complex manufacturing feature shapes in your CAD model of mechanical parts


AI Optimized Heterogeneous Object Bin Packing

Get smart suggestions on optimizing heterogenous objects for 3D printing and BIN packing of multiple heterogenous objects

NLP based CAD
Voice Assistant

Get voice UI assistance based on NLP for commands frequently used by design reviewers in the CAD and BIM industry

ML Based

Our OCR solution is a smart program which can perform as a human (using the available data and learning). Once the data is extracted the OCR program analyzes it and comes up with a final result on its own.

ML based Shape Search (unsupervised)

Search for shapes based on a powerful deep neural network programmed for extracting local features from a design

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