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Part serialiser for 3D Printing in Inventor

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Part serialiser for 3D Printing in Inventor

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Serial numbers, watermarks, and part identifiers are reliable ways to ensure the prevention of detection of errors, frauds, and counterfeit production for the manufacturing industry. This serialization is most desired at the time of part production for purposes of speed and operational efficiency as sorting and grouping can be quite tedious.

The nCircle Tech Part Serialization for 3D Printing offers a reliable and automatic solution to the challenge of part serialization. The benefits of this application include efficient and reliable tracking and sorting of parts within factories. It also has the potential to significantly speed up the supply chain and reduce the number of counterfeit parts in circulation.



  • The module enables serial numbers, barcodes or other identifiers to be embedded at time of production
  • Tagging can be done at any point in the geometry – on the part, in the support structures, or on an attached tag
  • Sub surface tag placement is made possible so that it can only be detected by X-ray or similar technology
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