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Egnyte plugin for AutoCAD

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Egnyte plugin for AutoCAD

Version :
Release Date : 27 May 2020
Download Link : downlonad-link

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For the last three decades, AutoCAD has remained one of the most popular CAD software solutions in the market. But as document repositories continued to expand into the cloud, designers now face file sharing and version management challenges more than ever before. This lack of content control puts firms at risk of wasting time, money and resources – if designers use the wrong version, the potential for error is exponential.

nCircle Tech built the AutoCAD and Egnyte integration to give users a new way to maintain version control and ownership without compromising your user experience. Egnyte AutoCAD Plugin allows users to save your AutoCAD files directly into your Egnyte account, so you never have to worry about which file to send or share. And all files stored in Egnyte are protected by security and governance policies ensuring data security compliance.

Plugin Features:

  • Create something in AutoCAD and your file is saved on Egnyte server. No need to save it on the PC or any external storage
  • No need to carry AutoCAD files with you. Simply log in to the Egnyte plugin for AutoCAD from anywhere and open your existing files directly from the cloud
  • On completion of edits in the file, simply click on save and file changes are saved on the Egnyte server
  • Existing File can be saved as the new file
  • You can create the pdf of the file and upload directly to the Egnyte server by directly clicking on the ‘save as pdf’ button in the plugin
  • When you are done working, simply log out from the app and no one will be able to view your files
  • Compatible with 64 bit of Autodesk AutoCAD
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