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Saving up to 50% of the time required to make accurate models out of point cloud data, our ML engine takes in Point cloud then colour codes, segments the data with colour coding the model and further, the machine learning engine itself generates a 3D Model that can be used commercially with some minimal human efforts. The output design  can be made available in any required format.

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Revit plugin-BIM model rule checker

Our BIM Model Rule Checker is smart, simple, and automatic; all you have got to do is plug it in and choose your source file and the rule checker will run automatically and share an email update with the ready to view model in Forge Viewer. No manual uploads, No file transfers, No manual checks!

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BIM Connections

Based on If-this-then-that logic, BIM Connections enables users to create a point-to-point connection to enable the flow of data amongst various systems improving timely transfer of critical information to keep projects moving along schedule. The platform automates transferring, organizing, and management of project files not only to minimize the use of critical resources but also to reduce human errors leading to data loss.

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CAD-BIM Plugins

Adapt to smart’er’ design work flow automation with unique in-house built plugins ready for further customization depending on your requirements. These CAD-BIM plugins help smoother transitions between different softwares for you to ace your design and not let software limitations limit the quality of your team’s work output