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For the last seven years, we have been a part of ADN- Autodesk Developer Network. An army of almost 100 Autodesk technology experts specializing across AutoCAD, Revit, Civil 3D, Inventor, Navisworks, MAX, Maya, Fusion 360, BIM 360, Vault, has enabled us to be omnipresent across the whole Autodesk ecosystem; from internal product development to empowering resellers to developing customized solutions for end customers to having our products listed on Autodesk App exchange. A trusted development partner to their customers, we have developed variety of plugins on top of Autodesk products. Being one of the earliest and leading Systems Integrator for Forge, we have been delivering robust cloud solutions.


The first step towards realization of this fulfilling partnership was taken at COFES in 2017. Since then we have had our technocrats embedded within the mainstream engineering team, developing impactful addons and utilities. We have grown within the ever evolving Siemems PLM partner ecosystem and by leveraging our other partners, we have been delivering implementation requirements for PLM (TCM) and MOM as well. Combine this with our expertise in NX, and you have a well rounded expert when it comes to Industry 4.0


A relationship that spans now for more than half a decade. Our technology expertise when it comes to AEC domain formed the genesis of this collaboration. We have been enabling users of Vectorworks to leverage smart automation of workflows using software integrations/add-ins. Together, we have been able to ideate and create unique set of features addressing the ever evolving needs of the end user. Going ahead, our vision is to integrate new technologies and create solutions redefining the end user experience.


A robust partner ecosystem, with every partner having a unique specialized skill set allows us to provide a seamless client experience. Arnekt is one of the key pillars of this ecosystem. Our expertise in 3D Visualization and CAD Customization combined with Arnekt’s expertise in developing AI-powered apps and web services using Cognitive (Language, Vision and Data Science) Intelligence will empower our clients in integrating the power of machine and deep learning to develop innovative and impactful solutions across AEC, manufacturing and more


Sekai-Ichi means the best in the world. With a strong network in Japan built over a decade of consulting in engineering design, technology and capability development behind them, our organic collaboration was inevitable. Our development capability and their rich experience of the Japanese engineering market will further enhance our reach to the customers who we can help to design smarter and innovative workflows.


Datakit enables Software companies to integrate all or part of its technology according to their field, their own software offer and their platform. Datakit’s strategy is to offer a multi platform and a modular and deep range of data exchange solutions and services. We are one of its resellers in India


C3D Labs is a fast-growing provider of engineering software development toolkits. Its modules include C3D Modeler,C3D Vision, C3D Solver, C3D Converter and C3D B-Shaper. nCircle Tech expertise in Integrating these modules as per clients’ requirements.

C3D labs

Our foray into Japan further emphasized the importance of having a robust partner ecosystem and we couldn’t have had found a better partner than Sunwells Solutions in developing the same in Japan. Due to their nuanced understanding of the land, way of doing business and most importantly the Japanese people, they have been able to sustain and grow for close to a decade; providing human resources solutions to gobal engineering companies headquartered in Japan. This collaboration allows both nCircle and Sunwells to provide technology and capability consuting and implementation expertise under one roof to all of our Japanese clients.

Sunwell Solutions

NIDrive has been one of the few companies in Japan to achieve rapid growth within a short span of time. Their expertise in digital technology consulting and services focused on IOT, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics & Cognitive Automation, Cloud Enablement, Mobility and other Emerging Technologies makes them a key ally in providing a holistic set of solutions to our clients in Japan enabling them to unlock infinite possibilities.


In an ideal world, business goals should be completely in sync with technology development and implementation. We are replicating the same in the real world through this startegic alliance with Lemon operations. From ideating your next business growth story, to realizing the same with the right fit technology consulting and implementation expertise, all under one roof. This provides an end to end, impactful solution development experience to our clients and prospects.

Lemon Operations

When it comes to PLM implemenation, think GenNext. This collaboration adds invaluable experience and expertise for nCircle to address the needs of our clients in the PLM domain. The extensive portfolio of GenNext and a wide variety of success stories makes them an ideal partner to combine our powers to provide an unmatched customer experience in a highly competitive domain.

GenNext PLM