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Sailing through Unprecedented Times with Machine learning Based Innovations

If we check the history of mankind it can be easily observed that the ones who hold on to their ground tightly with the power of innovation and farsightedness during the Economic crisis like COVID-19, they rise like a phoenix rising from the ashes and taking a flight.

With similar power of innovation in our hands and support of our clients & partners, we created some new Machine Learning based services and innovative products in the BIM domain that have potential to accelerate the pace of the market towards more automation and more productive humans taking the organization towards success.

nCircle Products

Machine Learning Powered SCAN to BIM

Having the machine learning expertise at our disposal, we decided to solve the industry problem of converted huge scanned point cloud data Scan to BIM models. With a vision of saving more than 50% of the time required to make accurate models out of point cloud data. The ML engine takes in Point cloud then segments the data with colour coding/object identification and further the Automation engine converts it into a 3D Model. The output design can be made available in any required format.

BIM Connections

With a vision to interconnect the AEC industry, The Action and Trigger-based web platform, BIM Connections takes care of data transfer issues and mundane activities with minimal manual intervention. The platform enables users to control when and how they want their data to flow from one BIM software to another.

Based on If-this-then-that logic, BIM Connections enables users to create a point-to-point connection to enable the flow of data amongst various systems improving timely transfer of critical information to keep projects moving along schedule.

BIM Model Rule Checker (Revit)

Are you still relying on manual model rule checking? Try our BIM model rule checker (revit plugin) to automate model checking and save time for the BIM Managers. Our model rule checker can be further designed to add customised standard checks as per your needs specific to your organisation.

Our Webinars

Common Pitfalls to Avoid While Enhancing 3D Cloud Experience
What, How, and Why to Answer while developing cloud-based 3D applications.
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5 Machine Learning Tools that help your construction scale 2X
Scaling/Amplifying your business with 5 ML tools for the AEC industry
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Reforming AEC to amid Covid-19: Onsite & Offsite Construction
What’s the new normal post COVID19 for the AEC industry?
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Integrating Machine Learning into Workflow Automation in AEC 
Integrating ML to automate engineering and design functions across AEC
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Forge Partner Talks: BIM Standards & Checking
How to automate BIM standards and checking processes?
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Forge Partner Talks: Building and Facility Management
Innovative and creative Forge solutions to simplify tracking and reporting in facility management 
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Customer Showcase at Autodesk University

GetTech – Flair3D Viewer

Improved 3D web viewer user experience for synchronized web-based 3D Model and Point Cloud Viewer in a single window with various file format compatibility.
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3DiQ – MasonryIQ

Revit Based configurator plugin developed to get exact estimations for precise amounts of building material required without requiring waste allowances.
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What Our Clients Say About Us

“nCircle is really professional and responsive. The nCircle team went the extra mile to complete the project on a tight timeline and solve technical challenges. They helped us complete a crucial project with great agility. Their vast experience with Autodesk Forge and numerous past projects made it very easy for nCircle to execute the project quickly. Loved working with nCircle.”
Brendon Morton,
Director, Platform & Fabrication, BAMCORE 
“Being associated with nCircle Tech for more than a year, our relationship has grown strong given the proactive approach from each team member. Quality of service is what makes them stand apart. The Revit and machine learning expertise the nCircle team brings to the table is exceptional and was key in achieving our business goals.”
– Owen M. Knott,
Chief Executive Officer,Ktrack
“As a budding new software company, it soon became clear, we would struggle under the weight of our increased customer expectations if we did not boost our engineering capabilities. The search came to an end when an old mentor of mine from India pointed us in the direction of Varun and his company. Since that time, we have grown our engineering team exclusively with the bright minds of nCircle Tech. Their technical capabilities and willingness to learn new software engineering patterns have been vital to our success and no doubt to our continued growth as a young company. We consider the business and technical leadership over at nCircle Tech to be an extension of our family here at FlyPaper, and look forward to our continued growth together.”
– Dan Stephenson,
Software Architect,FlyPaper Technologies, LLC

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