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New Normal Approach for AECO – Decentralization of workforce and Integration of data, ML and Automation

The pandemic has shown the actual worth of time and money. During this economic crisis period, the AECO industry was facing a major issue in performing manual work and executing the projects, but in this new normal time, the situation is not much better than before.

In line with newer challenges, nCircle focused on implementing ML and AI automation with maintaining the worth of time and reducing the financial aids in the projects to accelerate the growth in the AECO. We devised newer innovations based on Machine Learning & automation like Scan to, BIM automation services, BIM connections, and many other efficient BIM services & solutions.


Glance at our Newer Additions of Products & Services 

One of its kind Automation-led BIM Services

With a decade-long experience working in the AECO industry, we offer customized BIM automation along with emerging BIM modelling services for enhanced team coordination, workflow improvements, better quality control, scheduling and streamlining different construction processes.
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Machine Learning Powered SCAN to BIM

Leveraging our machine learning engine, we are working with an end-to-end workflow that can reduce 50% of a modeler’s time. Scan-to-BIM which a very laborious and manual process, we have incorporated ML for automating certain processes in Scan-to-BIM workflow like object identification in point cloud data, tagging, and BIM entities. 

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BIM Connections

Based on If-this-then-that logic, BIM Connections (An Action and Trigger-based web platform),  enables users to create a point-to-point connection to enable the flow of data amongst various systems improving the timely transfer of critical information to keep projects moving along schedule.

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Trending 3D Technologies in AECO

BIM 360

BIM 360 custom flow automation is a perfect way to automate BIM workflow with 100% accuracy which can turn business workflow ideas into reality.

Autodesk Forge

Turn your business idea into reality with Autodesk Forge which has expertise in Forge-based custom 3D Cloud & Mobile Applications such as Forge Integrations, Custom APIs, Forge Based Enhancements, and Product Configurators.

Hoops Communicator

A HOOPS toolkit which includes Hoops Communicator, Hoops visualize, Hoops publish, and Hoops exchange offering enhanced features like enabling to experience better 3D CAD viewing and interactions and helps to develop different cloud-based engineering applications

Ares Kudo

A Cloud-based CAD Platform with every possible 2D feature to Create, View and Modify DWG drawings online on a browser without any installing or updating.

Flair 3D

Flair 3D is a centralized cloud platform with online 3D & digital twin viewers for storing, sharing, and reviewing 3D models to overcome challenges in complicated workflow and to save time as well as money.

Power- Packed Webinars

New Age Scan To BIM Processing with Machine Learning
Insights on how machine learning can enhance the overall workflow of the Scan to BIM solution
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Common Pitfalls to Avoid While Enhancing 3D Cloud Experience
What, How and Why to Answer while developing cloud based 3D applications.

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5 Machine Learning Tools that help your construction scale 2X
Scaling/Amplifying your business with 5 ML tools for AEC industry
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Integrating Machine Learning into Workflow Automation in AEC 
Integrating ML to automate engineering and design functions across AEC
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What Our Clients Say About Us

“nCircle is a development partner, enabling our customers to rapidly build Digital Twin solutions that meet a wide range of outcomes. We are delighted with the services of nCircle and look forward to growing our relationship with them.”
– Vic Sanchez,
Chief Operating Officer, Invicara
“nCircle Tech is a long time skilled and committed Autodesk system integration partner. As an early adopter of Forge, nCircle is now a leader delivering Autodesk customer development services using Forge. Naming them an Autodesk Forge Systems Integrator was an easy decision. They are a great partner delighting Autodesk customers with groundbreaking web and mobile experiences delivering users insights into their design and engineering data – powered by Forge.”
 Jim Quanci,
 Senior Director ADN, Autodesk
“Get-Tech’s collaboration with nCircle has been very successful and valuable since we started working together around one year ago. We highly appreciate the fact, that the team has such a great knowledge and understanding of the AEC field and current technological possibilities. Their input in Flair3D – our Digital Twin Viewer is helping us to develop solutions that do not exist on the market yet. There is a spirit of pushing the boundaries and finding different ways of achieving our goal. We like their habit of sharing a summary of our meetings as well as ongoing progress on a daily basis. It makes it easy to keep track of our questions, suggestions, and next steps. Very happy to recommend nCircle as a very professional, committed and trustworthy service provider.”
– Magdalena Ordyniec,
Founder, GET-TECH Innovative Solutions Inc.
“We are honored to partner with nCircle Tech to provide a Scan-to-BIM service with seamless user experience from AI-powered point cloud cleaning to BIM modelling. I believe this partnership will enable both of us to access Scan-to-BIM at an affordable cost and quick turn-around-time that nobody achieved in Japan.”
– Satoshi Miyatani,
 CEO, ScanX (Japan)

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