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SmartScape which is expanding system integration work by adopting advanced technologies (Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Takashi Yoshida) is collaborating with India based 3D engineering software company nCircle Tech Co. Pvt. Ltd. (main branch: India, Pune city, CEO: Varun Bhartiya), for the service of converting 3D point cloud data from 3D scanning , and will start providing “Scan2BIM/CIM” services within Japanese market from 16 February 2021

The collaboration formed in the backdrop of exponential increase in the need of 3D conversion from captured point cloud data to practical and storable data. Nowadays, Digital Twin is getting a great attention for its ability of combining real space and virtual environment with 3D modelling.

But, many of the construction projects do not have the readily available 3D models, or in some instances they lack correct data sets in buildings or infrastructure such as bridges, roads, plants, etc. In such cases, getting the correct 3D data becomes necessary to create perfect 3D models.

At the present time, one can easily capture point cloud data of existing buildings using 3D scanners but the created data can be heavily unstructured, furthermore, size of data can be another big issue for generating the 3D models.  

That’s where the collaboration of nCircle and SmartScape will help the industry with the unique service of “Scan2BIM/CIM” which would convert the point cloud data in 3D model using ML engine, this will help customers get more structured data and further utilize it more efficiently. With the popularity of ‘digital twins’, our Scan2BIM/CIM service will help customers create accurate and quick 3D models.

ScantoBIM Conversion Process

Conversion process

What is the 3D data conversion service (Scan2BIM/CIM)?

A machine learning based AI engine will automatically cover 80% of the work for converting 3D data from point cloud data captured in a 3D scanner. Post conversion, operator creates a BIM model on LOD*100/200/300/400/500 accuracy which further gets converted into revit2, AutoCAD3

*1:LODLevel of Development
*2:BIM design support tool which is developed by Autodesk
*3:Versatile CAD developed by AUTODESK

nCircle Tech has been continuously evolving its ML based services portfolio and the ML Based  Scan2BIM/CIM service has been a game changing service for the AEC industry to efficiently cover any point cloud data into 3D model with less time consumption and more accurate results.

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About nCircle Tech

nCircle Tech (inCorporated in 2012) has a decade long experience of delivering 2D/3D quality software solutions in the AEC domain. Our domain expertise in CAD-BIM customization drives automation with the ability to integrate advanced technologies like AI/ML and VR/AR; empowers our clients to reduce time to market and meet business goals.

About SmartScape 

Since its founding in 2003, Smartscape has continued to develop systems that “collect, accumulate, and utilize” information. SmartScape believes that it is important to develop engineers who can think about and propose ideas for how to utilize our technology to solve customers’ problems.

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