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BIM Connections enables automatic, rule-based flows of data for new BIM 360 integration

nCircle Tech’s action and trigger-based web platform BIM Connections makes mundane, repetitive activities automatic and easy. This solution is specifically targeted for BIM/VDC Managers to save time keeping multiple applications up-to-date with the most recent construction project data.

Once BIM Managers configure the BIM Connections platform, they can take advantage of its syncing capabilities between applications. For example, BIM Connections can automatically transfer files from specific projects and folders within BIM 360, a construction management software part of the Autodesk Construction Cloud, to a specific folder within Google Drive or Box. Afterward, the platform will automatically ensure the real-time flow of updated data between the linked applications.

There has been a need in the AEC industry to make the flow of data effortless, rule-based, automatic, and reliable. nCircle has taken a unique approach to solve this problem by working closely with AEC industry professionals for almost a decade to analyze data flow issues. BIM Connections enables users to create a point-to-point connection to enable the flow of data from one system to another. The key principles of our platform mean no data is maintained on our servers, and it doesn’t require users to manually trigger any movement of data after the initial set up.

BIM Connections is a web platform that enables users to control when and how they want their data to flow from one BIM software to another. Users decide how one node will talk to another node or how one software should talk to another software. And when a particular event happens, what action should be taken.

For example, when a file is uploaded in BIM 360, BIM Connections will check if-this-then-that configurations set by the project team if all checks are successful, then it will send the file to Box in the specified folder.

Users can configure their integrations on the platform in under 10 mins on They can create any number of connections, linking numerous projects, files, and folders across applications with one another. The platform automates transferring, organizing, and management of project files so users can save not only minimizes the use of critical resources that can be applied more productively to project work, but also reduces human error that can lead to data loss and improves the timely transfer of critical information to keep projects moving along schedule.

Varun Bhartiya, CEO, and Co-founder of nCircle Tech said, “I envision stitching the entire BIM industry using the BIM Connections platform by building every possible connection between various BIM software.” We are very proud to launch BIM Connections and welcome Autodesk Construction Cloud into the ecosystem with the nCircle Tech and BIM 360 integration, given BIM 360’s widespread adoption across the global AEC industry.”

“Construction companies are increasingly adopting many software applications,” says James Cook, head of integrations at Autodesk Construction Solutions. “In order for customers to make informed project decisions using the data stored across their various applications, they need to be able to access it easily from their project management home-base. Giving customers the ability to access BIM Connections through BIM 360 will help them connect their data and make informed project decisions.”


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