The global manufacturing domain is more competitive than ever before, and large players are breaking new ground in the application of the latest technologies in design automation, product configuration and interactive product demonstrations to get quick and higher sales, every day. Manufacturing covers a wide range of industry applications from consumer goods, automotive, healthcare to specialized components and machines.

Our expertise and teams are mission ready to develop applications like 3D custom Desktop applications, CAD Plugins, 3D Mobile apps, 3D web apps, file exporters/importers, 3D Inspection, 3D scanning, 3D printing, Computer aided Designing (CAD) applications to help manufacturing companies thrive in dynamic market scenarios.

We help such global Manufacturing based organizations achieve their time-to-market and business goals by developing a host of mission-critical engineering application projects.

Plant Design Automation

Automatic plant design from schematics to Plant3D files

ML Based Feature Recognition

Hole, Fillet, Taper, etc. detection using Artificial intelligence in AutoCAD, Solidworks.

Tool Path Generation and Simulation

We can generate toolpath and simulation on standalone platform using geometric kernel and visualization

Product Catalogue in 3D PDF and on Web

Web based catalogue optimized for both desktop and mobile viewing. 3D PDF for offline viewing on both desktop and mobile using free PDF viewers

Rule Based Validation

For standardization of processes and to follow specific guidelines

CAD integration to PLM

We can integrate CAD systems with PLM for easier management and version control

CAD Integration and Interoperability

Automation of Drafting of product models into multiple CAD software, CAD-CAM integration, CAD Renderer integration, Export plugins (OBJ, WebGL, STL, etc.)

Automatic Content Creation

Automated 3D to 2D sheet generation, Automated 3D content generation using parametric modeling.

Interactive Training Modules using Unity

Be on the site without the risk of failing

AR/VR for Product Visualization

Visualize your product in 3D and allow your user to experience them

Automated Isometric Drawings Generation from CAD Models

Additive Manufacturing Rule Checker

Rules designed for water tightness, support material, wall thickness, model density, material strength.

3D Shape Search Integration

Packing Optimisation for Shipment

CAD to PDM Integration

AI/ML based OCR

Read data from images, pdfs, datasheets.

CAD Migration and Maintenance

From existing CAD system to latest version as well as on the cloud

Interactive training modules using Unity

Be on the site without the risk of failing

Bin Packing for 3D Printing Space Optimization using Artificial Intelligence

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