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Architecture, Engineering and Construction

The architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry consists of separate players who work together to bring a construction project to success. Effective planning, managing, analyzing, and visualizing software help increase efficiency and profitability of these projects. We help AEC industry players improve their productivity by up to 90% and reduce all over construction costs, by building custom features for their CAD/BIM software. This includes engineering Workflow automation tools, 3D mobile apps, web-based tools for BIM model visualization, cost estimating plug-ins, construction scheduling and simulations tools and facility management tools.

nCircle Tech is an extended software development partner for Construction Software companies providing them with a fillip for their project needs. We also work with Virtual Design & Construction companies directly to customize their BIM/VDC software features for productivity improvement.

3D BIM Modeling Visualization

Ordering Tool Featuring Browser-based 3D Visualization of Construction Machine Parts

4D BIM Simulation, Planning, Scheduling and Sequencing

Construction Material Management and Work Scheduling

5D BIM Cost Estimation & Quantity Take-Offs

6D BIM Sustainability & Energy Analysis

7D BIM Facilities Management and Maintenance

IFC based visualization and interoperability

We can visualize IFC on web as well as desktop platform and we can use IFC as file format for data exchange between BIM systems

Revit families creation

Automated family generation based on parameters

Rule based validation on Revit

For standardization of processes and to follow specific guidelines

Nesting Services

Optimized use of space

CAD migration and maintenance

From existing CAD system to latest version as well as on the cloud

BIM integration and interoperability

Integrate BIM with CAD systems to sync data directly and automatically (Connected Construction)

Model Analysis

Structural, Environmental, Regulatory Analysis

Modular Construction

Enable modular construction using guidelines and library based designs

Digital Twin

AR and Point Cloud, As-Built Analysis and Onsite Inspection–3D Scanning / Point Cloud Processing

Clash Detection and reporting

MEP/P&ID Design Automation

Automated Isometric drawings creation

Electrical Design Automation

Automation of routing between components, isometric drawing creation

Interactive training modules using Unity

Be on the site without the risk of failing

AR/VR for product visualization

Visualize your product in 3D and allow your user to experience them