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How nCircle built a New Way of Navigating, Identifying, and Purchasing Parts on Web

Technology stack used: Forge, Data Management API, Model Derivative API

About the Customer

Since our Client is based in Europe, it is possible for teams to safely work on a synchronized view of large models. They also help their clients build part identification, ordering, and order management capabilities to resolve some of the most pressing issues that manufacturers face today.

The Goal

The company wished to move its existing product to newer technologies, while also building innovative features. Support for different types of bond patterns had to be built, along with 3D visualization of patterns and bonding at corners. The ability to analyze and map patterns against walls was needed to account for openings and corner bonding. Field-cuts needed to be represented properly to allow changes in the design if required.

The Solution

  • nCircle leveraged FORGE, since it already provides the ability to explode assemblies and view them
  • nCircle proceeded to build the ability to translate individual parts or even entire assemblies so that users could view the part that interested them, and understand how it went together with the rest of the assembly
  • Functionality to draw an axis was created, so that users could rotate or change their view
  • Users were enabled to save a viewer state as a 3D snapshot for future reference
  • In order to improve upon the explosion capabilities provided by FORGE, we added functionality to selectively explode parts of the model, or conversely select which sub-assemblies were not to be exploded
  • Parts could then be easily selected and added to the purchase list
  • All of the capabilities were built into a browser-based viewer that did not require any CAD Software at the user end


  • Differentiation through a unique and intuitive user experience
  • Flexibility in handling over 60 file formats
  • Enhanced capability leading to an increase in sales and customer satisfaction


  • The company was able to differentiate itself by providing a unique, intuitive user experience
  • They were able to provide their customers with the flexibility to handle over 60 file formats
  • The enhanced capability provided to customers led to a lift in sales and customer satisfaction

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nCircle Tech (inCorporated in 2012) empowers passionate innovators to create impactful 3D visualization software for desktop, mobile and cloud. Our domain expertise in CAD-BIM customization driving automation with the ability to integrate advanced technologies like AI/ML and VR/AR; empowers our clients to reduce time to market and meet business goals. nCircle has a proven track record of technology consulting and advisory services for the AEC and Manufacturing industry across the globe. Our team of dedicated engineers, partner ecosystem and industry veterans are on a mission to redefine how you design and visualize.

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