ThreeJS based (web) 3D Product Catalog developed for a Canada based manufacturer serving Mechanical Contractors in AEC | Case Study | nCircle Tech
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About Client:

A Canada-based company is offering a SaaS-based planning platform to help mechanical contractors. For saving cost and enhancing productivity, the client is helping to automate fabrication and manufacturing processes by integrating data from accounting/ERP systems and CAD/Revit. These integrated modules for timekeeping, tracking, and field orders are helping to offer real-time analytics and reports. 



The client wanted us to update the representation of the existing catalogue (shown with part images) using 3D objects created using the three.js platform. They wanted to create different parts and their assembly for accurate piping and for the duct system. The client expected to make a system to calculate the cost associated with the bill of materials, labor cost, shipping cost, etc.

3D Viewer


The Goal:

The goal of this project was to create Duct Assembly with various dimensions to make them fit in a specific structure/format. Another goal was to create fabrication/piping assembly and also required a solution for accurate assembly measurements.



  • We, nCircle Tech, have created different parts in various sizes and dimensions to make a complete duct by using the ThreeJS platform.
  • By using different parts, we have created a complete fabrication to make cost estimations on the client’s side. We help clients to make precise cost estimations.
  • We provide all detailed and basic info for making fabrications and clients can download it in pdf or any other required format.
  • nCircle Tech has developed a solution that is automatically adjusting different geometries of parts to create a perfect shape or a complete duct. It can also change the shapes of parts to make a perfect suit.
  • Acted as an Extended Development team for the client, shared daily and weekly progress reports



  • We, nCircle Tech, have provided a 3D WEB viewer system to the client for exact piping, duct assembly creation, and measurement calculations which will help with cost estimation as well as material estimation.
  • In a complete project duration, we created 3D catalogues in 4 months and it takes around 6 months for assembly features.    
  • We provided a web-based system rather than a desktop application that helps them to track updates and a quick overview of development that is easily accessible to all stakeholders.
  • We are providing parts in different colors as per the need of clients.
  • We are using assemblies with the proper measurement with different shapes.



The three.js platform for creating parts in all dimensions and shapes helps us to deliver a suitable solution for clients. Our unique solution for cost estimation has satisfied clients and offers a new feature for accurate estimations of material. Weekly meetings are creating a new scope for making newer advancements in the project and to dig new possibilities in using technology.

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