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How a leading global name in technology from Japan, commissioned by their national government enabled Interactive Robot Planning and Simulation on a Terrain obtained by conversion of scanned point-cloud data to mesh file.

About the Customer

Our client is a global name with a diverse range of offerings from IT, Energy, Industry, Mobility and Smart-life solutions from Japan who has been powering it all through cutting-age services and offerings. They have established themselves in the retail as well as industrial sectors with their thought-leadership. The client’s industrial offerings make use of CAD, BIM, cloud based solutions, AR / VR, Robotics, cMachine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to solve problems and arrive at solutions through innovation.

The Goal

The client’s next project, a Japanese government commissioned endeavor was faced with a challenge for the entry of humans in a local territory owing to harmful environment. To overcome this challenge our client decided to develop robots for area surveillance and dismantling obstacles. However, the client faced challenges creating the terrain virtually through mesh creation for Robot planning. An accurate mesh of the survey area had to be created through point cloud and robot movement had to be enabled through IK and FK.

A system had to be developed to be able to convert the client captured point-cloud data obtained via scanners into Mesh data and the Robot had to be migrated from Maya to Unity with no loss in data while making it ready for recording with Inverse and Forward Kinematics movements. nCircle developed prototype for planning the Robot motion sequence on terrain data captured through scanners in Unity which is useful for many target readers like various business units, researchers and product owners.

The Solution

  • nCircle Tech created a plugin for the client where they could import all their point cloud data and create a mesh to understand the real-time terrain
  • Suggested Unity to facilitate IK and FK. Thereby, safely migrating data from Maya to Unity
  • nCircle Tech developed an algorithm and coded the client’s robot for simple and complex movements through Inverse Kinematics alongside Forward Kinematics
  • The team also worked on providing robot simulations and  recording
  • nCircle Tech customized a Unity plugin for the input of mesh, record robot movement and robot planning purpose  
  • The robot planning record was readied to support JSON file format for recording and replay
  • The Robot was additionally programmed for an alert on collision detection
  • All within the defined timelines!


  • Our plugin helped diligent data migration
  • The client could easily input point cloud capture to obtain a mesh
  • Robot migration from Maya to Unity to enable easy IK/FK implementation.
  • Robot simulation and movement, recording and replaying in JSON format were programmed for Robot planning
  • Additional collision detection made the Robot more efficient in its functionality which is expected to work in field, home or industrial environments
  • Provided controlling the robot movement and simulation using PS4 controller

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Image courtesy : Pexels. (Image is for depiction purpose only).

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