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A leading Japanese cloud-based LiDAR processing tools provider utilized ML-powered ScantoBIM service to create the most accurate fast SCAN to BIM Model with 50% cost savings on processing. 

About the Client

The client headquartered in Japan provides cloud-based LiDAR processing tools for mining, construction, damage insurance, and autonomous vehicle industries. Founders have experienced engineers and sales in France, US, Israel, Japan, and Australia. We truly believe that LiDAR is the key technology to achieve digital twins.

The Goal

The client primarily provided SAAS based service helping its customers to save Point Cloud data on the cloud environment. Clients further wanted to take a step ahead to provide Point Cloud data to BIM model conversion service wherein customers will scan the building data for modeling purposes.


  • We used machine learning for the classification and segmentation of the object to segregate them with colour-coding.
  • The information generated is further utilized to automatically construct a 3D BIM model which was further refined Manually to deliver the output much faster.


  • Implemented an intelligent ML-based solution automating the process of interpretation of 3D point cloud data.
  • Faster information sharing along with automated extraction features to locate and identify various objects in the point cloud model and categorize them with different color codes. 
  • With a newly formed ML-based framework, we simplified the process of BIMification enabling engineers to design better and optimize existing buildings.


  • Saved up to 50% of Scan to BIM process time
  • Increased efficiency by 2X with no manual errors

Want to know more about our ML powered ScantoBIM service? Contact us and we can schedule a call to give you a detailed rundown on our ML-based ScantoBIM service.

You can also watch the Demo Video of Machine learning based ScantoBIM Solution below:


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