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How Big Data Analysis Enabled AroHomes get faster and better at Planning?

Big data is set to be one of the most valuable commodities in the coming years. Almost a $30 billion raise is expected from 2021 to 2022.

With the help of Big Data, the team at nCircle Tech curated a hassle-free, crisp, and detail-oriented service for Aro Homes.

This crisp system came to the rescue when Aro Homes approached us to shortlist and rank probable properties to help them make an informed decision. Aro Homes is a unique kind of housing company that focuses on delivering sustainable, intelligent, and livable homes. 

With us, they sought to have a comprehensive database that would help them choose properties with a probable higher ROI. By incorporating Big Data, the team at nCircle Tech curated a hassle-free, crisp, and detail-oriented service for them. The scope was to check the finest and most favorable properties out of the 10,000 homes in Campbell, the USA in the pre-stage of design. Being the pioneers in introducing ML-based systems in the construction industry, we created a one-stop shop for Aro Homes. 


The Story of Aro Homes

Aro Homes as a brand revolve around the ethos of delivering engineered homes that are sustainable and comfortable for modern living. The core purpose was to capture the organization’s ethos. 


Top 8 Reasons why Aro Homes chose ML-based systems:

  1. They wanted to retrieve statistical data for real estate properties around the state of California, to make an intelligent decision in their investments, right from the start. 
  2. A system that can rank properties under various criteria before selecting them 
  3. By taking the first plunge into off-market properties, they sought an upper hand to manage their development funnel.
  4. They wished to visit the market and polish these homes to build a robust business. 
  5. Rather than loading enormous data, they sought to streamline the process in a presentable manner. 
  6. By using UI they needed visual feedback to make an effective sale. 
  7. Need to have an efficient and safe system in place.  
  8. High code quality with a serverless architecture. 

Earlier this seemed like a daunting task by depending on age-old methods of excel sheets and presentations. They rather preferred a common to make the data accessible across all stakeholders in real-time. 


The Process and Workmanship

The process for Aro Homes started as a data science project. But, considering the dynamic scope with a need for attention to detail, it evolved into a web-based big data application with security, UI, and machine learning at the centre stage. It started by targeting 2-3 cities at once. Although, this module is now set to reflect across the USA. 

The stellar team at nCircle covered the entire city through track ranking and filtered the properties for Aro Homes across three criteria:

  1. Feasibility to buy properties at a less price.
  2. A desirable location that aligns with the organization’s vision
  3. The location has a probable positive ROI for the investment. 

The cutting-edge systems helped in shortlisting properties. Later, the scouts visited each of these to add more information to the database on the site context, surroundings, street conditions, etc. The rich data was later augmented in the next version to make it more detailed. This multi-ranking model helped in understanding the site context in depth. 

Our ML-based systems created a systematic interface of huge data-based with 100% accuracy. 



  • Covering An expansive area under a faster timeline. 
  • Efficiency in providing 100% accurate real-time information.
  • Analyzing the problem areas and helping them in making an informed decision.
  • An ML-based challenge on handling an enormous amount of data, processing, evaluating and segregating it.
  • Creating a UI set-up without a mock-up curated through collaboration within the teams. 
  • Unlike normal circumstances here the stakeholders were our customers. Therefore, handling a dynamic scope in less time was a challenge which we successfully delivered with zero complaints or errors.  


How was Big Data analytics used for Aro Homes?

Big Data can be used for every stage of the construction process while making it accessible to every stakeholder. 

Planning and Budgeting

From compiling information about the past and current context to mapping out the project timelines, Big Data delivered information in real time. 



During the design stages, stakeholders like architects, designers, and contractors can use this data for creating digital twins. Through Big Data they can make predictions by analyzing the historical and environmental data infilled during the earlier stages. 



During construction, these analytics can help them manage incoming data and update their teams if there are any complications or changes. 


Operations and Maintenance

Even after the construction ends, the maintenance and operations team can use big data for structural details or track temperature patterns, energy use, post-occupancy data, and more.


Why Aro Homes Chose Us?

Our decade-long journey with the client and the past credibility helped us in retaining this long-standing association. Being the pioneers in ML-based automation for the AEC Industry, we had the right set of processes and systems in place to deliver a comprehensive piece of work. 


How nCircle Respond?

A crown project in our portfolio, we provided detailed insights on the incorporation of big data as a value addition. There was no solution is available in the market for a problem like that, we developed and became the pioneers in it. 

Venturing into this untapped space, we managed to innovate and custom-deliver a solution. We provided daily progress reports and weekly stand-up calls. From gathering to executing, nCircle Tech provided an end-to-end solution for Aro Homes. 

Our solution helped the customer to invest in several properties through track ranking. Otherwise, scouting over 10000+ houses would be a manual task with a longer timeline, more investment, and lesser ROI. 


Quotes from Varun Bharatiya (CEO & Co-founder)

While machine learning in the AEC industry seems like a far-fetched reality, we at nCircle Tech have given this revolution a head-start with futuristic solutions. The hero here is the data, irrespective of the size of the organization, these solutions can help you handle complex tasks. Our ML solutions have been aiding companies in boosting their efficiencies and making time for tasks that matter.


The Results

Testimonials from Client 

  • ML-Powered systems helped in pre-qualifying and ranking properties.
  • A UI-based web application helped them market their properties better. 
  • The web application became the central reference point across all stakeholders. 
  • Automating their systems helped them in defining the property rates and last sold rates.
  • Working on real-time data rather than the old manual processes.
  • Reduced human errors.
  • We helped them visualize scenarios and predict certain possibilities that could have missed out on. 
  • The code quality is delivered at higher precision. This was later implemented by the client in his organization. 
  • We helped them predict their scalability for future developments. 
  • Managing their development funnel became easier and more effective.

With a decade-long experience, we at nCircle have continued to work as partners with our clients. 

With Big Data, we have managed to loop it in the pre-stages of design in the construction industry (A first of its kind). Our systems are helping leading developers and key business owners with structured decision-making. By exercising the power of ML, we have capitalized on huge data that the construction industry already possesses. We worked it back in our favour and have helped various tech companies to use the power of ML. 


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