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Delivered BIM Model from scanned data within a day using our ML-based ScantoBIM automation

About Client: 

A leading Austrian digitization agency is involved in creating a sustainable digital experience of an idea as well as a product. The client is focusing on the projects which are interfaced between indoor scanning and the BIM model, digital twin. On this focus point, the client is designing and implementing multiple projects in various areas like Visual BIM, 3D indoor mapping, Digital Twin Consulting, Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality applications, Virtual Construction Monitoring, etc.



The client wanted a complete ASMEPF floor plan within a Day from provided scanned data of the residential area. Including the MEP segments like sockets, appliances, etc., the client wanted a detailed floor plan based on the scanned data.



  • Team nCircle used Machine Learning to identify MEP segments and other entities quickly in scanned point cloud data.
  • Then we converted that data into 3D BIM models using our ML-powered ScantoBIM technology.
  • By using our ML automation, we converted scanned data of almost hundreds of flats which are around 160 SQM each. 



  • We delivered the BIM model from scanned point cloud data within the shortest period of time and thus helped the client save time and money.
  • Provided Models containing accurate details of all the MEP segments and entities that helped the client in further applications. 


Our ScantoBIM.ai is saving up to 50% of the time by enabling faster Scan to BIM conversion with the help of ML. Our ML-based Scan to BIM helps to create detailed as-built BIM models which can be utilized for remodeling purposes.

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