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Construction Management Company Integrates Drawing Management Application with Forge Viewer to Boost 3D visualization Capabilities


Construction Management Company needed to Revamp the 3D visualization Capabilities with Drawing management Application using Forge based Viewer Integration.

About the Client

A leading construction management company providing a cloud-based project management information system (PMIS) that can support the entire lifecycle of construction projects. The company enables collaboration between all project participants to streamline communication and improve efficiency which further eliminates waste and rework by keeping everyone on the same page with the latest design and scope information. 

The Goal

The client wanted to create a Forge viewer providing high-end 3D visualization capabilities with easy 3D rendering compatible with Windows/Mac/iOS/Android. The client was looking to build all of the viewer components within their viewer platform. Client already had an existing platform which needed the implementation of additional features to enhance the overall productivity of the application. In addition, the client required options to load the model after it has undergone the upload, translation and extraction process.


  • nCircle Tech delivered 2 primary entities to the client  SVF Converter and Model Viewer
  • Team prioritized Model Viewer Module to view SVF model which is already translated 
  • Post the integration of SVF Viewing Module, our team created SVF Converter Module
  • Delivered a functionality to store converted files into client’s directory and further share the links with developers
  • For managing and storing model files from apps on the Forge platform, we used the Object Storage service (OSS) containers (bucket).

Technology Stack:

  • Autodesk Forge
  • JavaScript
  • Node.js
  • Express


  • Provided an option to view models directly in a platform that have been uploaded with its File Manager
  • Create functionality to add markups/annotations to the model via the viewer along with options to select and pin an object in the model
  • Generation of a snapshot image of the model view and store with the platform’s document
  • Options to view the pin and metadata directly in the viewer.


  • Visually appealing progress reports with embedded videos
  • Enhance Application productivity using additional visualisation features
  • Easy and Quick Construction models rendering in 3D
  • Reduced (another alternative Lic) cost and time required for operation

Want to know more about our 3D viewer enhancements? Contact us and we can schedule a call to give you a detailed rundown on our plugins and add-on for 3D Viewers.


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