Building 3D Forge Viewer for Sharing and Viewing BIM Files | nCircle Tech
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About the Client

An AEC industry company based out of Italy dealing with BIM services with a range of solutions, including Digital Twin, IoT, Scan, and Building Information Modeling (BIM) Services. The client is focused on helping organizations and building owners to use BIM in a strategic way to maximize their performance and reduce building management costs.


Earlier, the client had a project-based engagement with its customers wherein they worked on the project, delivered files and the project was closed. However, the client needed to change this business model to recurring engagement with its customers.

Hence, nCircleTech built a platform that enabled the client to share files with its customers on a client-branded platform which led to recurring visitors from their customers on this platform and further its also helped them improve the project coordination. 

Business Challenge/The Goal

The client needed a 3D forge Viewer with a customized dashboard with properties of file management, file loading & entity properties, markups, and database fetching for accurate project management. The client needed to streamline project workflow, design edits, and auditing across various entities to verify modifications in 3D model designs. 

The client needed real-time AWS server storage to fetch accurate project details, data processing, and design workflow with edit notifications, error handling, and specific markups in the design models. Accounting for the less-than-optimal conditions, the client also needed utter intelligence through a 3D viewer dashboard that can enable better and accurate project management. 


  • The business model transformation from a single engagement to a recurring model
  • Customized solution using Forge Model Derivative APIs
  • Properties of file management, file loading & entity properties, markups, and database fetching.
  • Forge Platform enabled us to create a solution with minimum time consumption  
  • Project dashboard for user and file management with IFC comment (BCF Format)
  • AWS Server and database fetching for real-time updates, modifications, and error handling in 3D viewer
  • Customized web application with unique branding and customer experience  
  • Easy to edit, expand or sharing format to boost productivity 


  • The system providing better user management with customized options for each user (contractor, auditor, designer, etc.) to comment, suggest design changes and implement modification   
  • Version control feature to easily check changes across various versions, modification auditing, and project planning.
  • Improved documentation resulting further to improve overall efficiency by 2 folds     
  • Bill of Material can be uploaded for cost and project estimations with better collaboration
  • Client transformed Project Based Engagement Model to Recurring Business Model to increase Revenue  


Want to know more about our work with Forge Based Project and File Management? Contact us and we can schedule a call to give you a detailed rundown on our Forge-based customization services and solutions.

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