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How nCircle Tech built Panel Installation Simulation Capabilities for a Virtual Design and Construction Company

Tech Stack: Autodesk Forge, iOS, Autodesk A360

About the Customer

vConstruct is a leading innovator in lean construction and virtual simulation of construction projects. They provide Virtual Design and Construction services to AEC, Infrastructure, and Utilities companies across the globe and are a part of DPR Construction, a USD 6 Billion company rated as one of the top 10 general contractors in the USA.

The Goal

The company wished to provide its customers with a solution for losses associated with rework and delay in construction. They aimed to build capabilities that would allow them to simulate the sequence of construction activities, namely laying of panels. These simulations could enable seamless work-plan communications for the construction team, and help site engineers communicate site conditions more clearly as well. It could also help the team pre-plan logistics at the construction site and schedule construction activities more efficiently.

The Solution

  • nCircle leveraged its Autodesk FORGE capabilities. The new functionality was built keeping mobile teams in mind and was accessible on iOS devices
  • All data, models, and drawings were managed in Autodesk A360, so that information was always centralized and the client did not need any change management in their style of work or workflows
  • On-site engineers were enabled to access architectural drawings sent by the design team and create annotations or mark the drawing with their schedule for laying panels
  • These could be communicated back to the design team, and also used to create fabrication, delivery, and installation schedules

The Impact

  • The benefits of this capability could be felt across the entire supply chain. Pre-planned project schedules and logistics allowed more efficient inventory management that reduced costs
  • Since labor costs and insurance costs are one of the major components of project costing, planning allowed a substantial lowering of number of hours of labor required. Installation schedules helped to schedule labor and resource availability only when it was ready to be utilized.
  • The panel sequencing algorithm created by ncircle read all the properties of the building model and helped the team decide which parts to use
  • The capability to simulate the installation helped the team visualize the project, check for errors in planning, and optimized overall costs

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