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About Client: 

The client headquartered in Santiago provides precision solutions for the architecture and mining industry. With more than 25 years of experience in the field, the client is focused to meet high standards in various industries by offering services like 3D Laser Scanning, BIM, Aerial Photogrammetry, and 3D Animation.


The goal was to provide a LOD 350 Revit model for the received Point Cloud data. We received scanned data of the industrial project which is of around 6130 SQM and the client required a LOD 350 Revit model for that data. The project was assigned in a few parts which we have delivered step by step as per the decided flow. The initial project was a part of huge data in which we worked on small parts of scanned data and delivered it to the client.



  • The main challenge of this project was the complexity of the data. It was an industrial project which included a lot of details that overlapped each other.
  • The quality of data was good but the complexity was high and hence our focus was to intricately clean the data and check all minor details to identify the data segments for creating a model.
  • It took a little more time to sort the overlapping elements and specify them.
  • The data we received from the client was in a different language so it was difficult to translate it properly and understand it correctly to start work.  
  • Oftentimes the Scan Data at the time of stitching stitches a few areas overlapping the data in different angles which requires the attention of experts to deal at the time of modeling to model it in the right way with not-so-relevant data.



  • We identified and confirmed the elements before converting them into the 3D model by referring to walkthrough real images.
  • We ensured to identify the parts by comparing them with real images which helped us to create an accurate LOD 350 Revit model.
  • Our expertise and experience helped us to precisely identify elements in point cloud data and navigate them. This enabled us to deliver a model which is up to the mark within the deadline.
  • For overlapping scan data and for areas the scan data is not very clear due to hindrance or low light conditions our experts have multiple ways: tried and tested ways to produce the model up to the client’s benchmark level by keeping him informed and involved at every step and at every point of conflict.


  • We have created detailed Revit Models by sorting all overlapped segments that helped the client to utilize these models further for different purposes.
  • Our Automated Scan to BIM solution helped to reduce the time required for the project and also enhances the accuracy of the models

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