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About the Client

A leading software company with powerful applications to remove hours of the computer to human translation along with solutions that are tailor-fit to needs for improving the AEC industry’s Productivity.



Working towards improving construction productivity, the customer needed a paperless platform that could digitise workflows and construction planning along with digitised record keeping, work schedules and projects planning. The main aim of the platform is to reduce dependency on paper.


Business Challenge/The Goal

The client worked with multiple customers to provide tailor-made solutions for the project management and 4D scheduling which required major coordination, meetings and scheduling to be done with chalk and board system. The client wished to reduce the dependency on the manual and with paper workflows and create a completely digitalised approach for project planning, management and scheduling to enhance Construction & Project Planning.



  • nCircle Tech leveraged its capabilities to build the platforms which could digitise construction planning and management processes.
  • Created functionality to easily submit work logs to track crew hours, crew size, and where work was performed.
  • Provided function of Daily Notes allowing you to add notes that can be included in your reports or made available only to members of your company to view.
  • Option to add tags to help sort and group all of the work performed in your project in a meaningful way.
    Provided a function to create a conversation by leaving comments for the rest of the team inside of any work log or note and all these all conversations and comments are made visible in your daily report.



  • Reduced complete dependency on the whiteboard/sticky notes planning for customer
  • Complete digitisation of the construction planning and management led to an increase in the overall project efficiency
  • Increase project completion time by 2 folds
  • Easy access to all workers and members using mobile platforms to quick access anywhere and from any device.
  • Perfectly curated reports from daily information including work logs, notes, weather data, conversations, and one-click access to any attachments.

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