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ThreeJS based (web) 3D Product Catalog developed for a Canada-based manufacturer serving Mechanical Contractors in AEC

BuildCentrix is a leading Canada-based MEP construction platform having expertise in Integration, Fabrication, and Automation. One of the biggest challenges the company faced was to create a system that could calculate their bill of materials (BOM), labour, shipping, and other associated costs related to duct assembly. Being an innovation-led company and because of our decade-long expertise in 3D Web & Mobile Visualization, the customer wanted us to create a 3D Web Viewer for them. As a result, Buildcentrix got a perfect solution to overcome their challenges in the assembly creation process and speed up the workflow. 


The Story of Build Centrix

Buildcentrix is providing trusted tools to connect projects from design, through to production and installation. 


The Challenge

The client wanted to create the different parts in various shapes and dimensions for a precise Duct Assembly. They had to consider both accuracy and price on their part, so they were looking for a top-notch experienced partner who could deliver precise Duct Assembly solution and their cost estimation system on time. We were proposed for the job because we have a decade-long experience working in parametric modeling, 3D modeling, and modeling complicated geometries


Why Build Centrix Chose nCircle Tech?

In the past, many manual methods were used to create duct assembly and estimating the time and cost was a must. Using advanced technology and our experience in the 3D industry nCircle Tech has reduced labour costs by 30% and brought the process to an automated level by providing a 3D WEB viewer to allow clients to create exact piping and duct assembly

Also, we offered:

  •  Assembly parts in various sizes and dimensions by using the Three.js platform.
  • Detailed and basic info for making fabrications which can be downloaded in pdf or any other required format.
  • The benefit of automatic adjustment of different geometries parts to create a perfect shape/part.
  • Delivered 3D catalogues in 4 months with assembly features.    
  • Provided a web-based system to track updates and a quick overview of development which can be easily accessible to all stakeholders. 


How nCircle Respond?

Following our initial conversation with the client and understanding of their needs, we created and delivered the first prototype with a 95% accuracy in just 15 days. The client was satisfied and eager to begin working with us because of the quality and precision of the work we produced in the shortest period of time. Within three months, we finished the first job, and we have been working with them for more than two years.


The Results 

The Three.js platform for creating parts in all dimensions and shapes helped us to deliver a suitable solution for the client which saved a lot of time in the assembly creation process. Our unique offering for accurate cost estimation of material satisfied the Goal and Requirements ofhttps://ncircletech.com/contact-us/ the client.



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