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Working with many AEC companies, nCircle tech has created numerous advancements and transformative Revit customisations. These custom Revit solutions are not just the workflow automation tools but a future perfect technology solution for your business needs simplifying your BIM workflows, Revit BIM models, 3D visualizations and Collaborations. Bringing what’s best for the ecosystem with the help of futuristics innovation, nCircle Tech is shaping the perfect future for the overall AEC Ecosystem.

As our technology team is constantly looking for newer ways to shape a better future for the Revit plugins, enhancements and automation, we are taking a look at what the future holds for the AEC industry with the most attractive features available in Autodesk Revit. Here’s a quick look at the most promising features, innovative approaches and future perfect solutions of Revit enabling a better future for all AEC stockholders.


Simulation and visualization

Autodesk Revit stimulation is very impressive, which allows designers to visualize every aspect of Designing. Visual styling provides different graphic styles for project view, and the style is grouped into model display Shadow lightning realistic and background options. With a virtual reality program, you can freely navigate through the building to understand how every part of the design can be prevented when it gets completed.


3D BIM modeling

Currently, 3D BIM modeling is available with Autodesk Revit, which provides designers and rafters to quickly identify any cases for the area of congestion. With this feature, many problems can be identified at an early stage of the building process; as a result, the output is high-quality construction documentation and provides very highly accurate and precise 3D modeling.



Parametric components of building

Parametric modeling means the relationship between the elements in a project that allows the coordination and change management that software provides. This relationship can be defined automatically, or the user can explain it, enabling the software to quickly edit or customize as per the requirement. It can be saved in a library for use in other future designing projects.




In a more digital world, work-sharing is one of the most important things as a feature. With this feature, a design can be shared with multiple team members, and they can simultaneously be on the same project model. Revit projects can be divided into a worksheet to accommodate such an environment; with this feature, you can create a central model so that team members can make design changes to the local copy of the central model without affecting the central model.



Schedule feature

With this feature, you can create schedules, quantities, and material takeoff to quantify and analyze the component and material which is to be used in a project. Shared schedule data can be exported, and key schedules can be defined and used to automate consistent schedule information. Modifying the schedule view property is possible by changing the field orientation, visual styling, and other scheduled properties.



Bill of quantities projection

With this software, contractors can stay within their budget by generating quantities based on the building model. Material labor and supplies can be accurately calculated for an overall estimation report.



Centralized design

With Autodesk Revit, centralized architectural design is possible where all building components are connected, decreasing repetitive tasks. If any changes are to be made in any part of the building, it will automatically update the modified feature and change the whole building model in advance while updating.




With an open-source graphical programming interface, Autodesk Revit expands and optimizes BIM workflows. Revit has been a revolution for AEC design. It allows architects and designers to design and document a building in a 3D model, including geometry and non-geometric design and construction information. 

In the AEC Industry, customisations come with the biggest benefit of speed with accuracy, along comes the reduced cost that can be supported by state-of-the-art Revit Plugins and Addons. A range of very useful custom built Revit plugins are developed in line with the specific requirement of our customers. These plugins and add-on customisations are minimally invasive, easy to adopt, and something that does not require the training of the existing workforce.

Talk to us to explore how you can utilize Revit-based plugin customisations to boost your efficiency to another level. You can also explore the range of our Revit services to stay ahead of your competition by building enhancing your products.

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