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In the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties i.e., COP26, all the countries have set targets to achieve “net zero” by 2050 to solve the issues related to global warming.

The total Domestic energy consumption is around 20% of UK carbon emissions and 30% of the total UK energy budget. It is required to minimize the demand for energy for home utilization and also need decarbonization of emission.

Structuring new energy-efficient homes and decarbonizing the grids is not enough because the UK has a huge number of old houses. Hence, it is beneficial to improve existing homes by retrofitting them which is one of the most cost-effective solutions to minimize emissions, and also it will be helpful to get the reasonable evolution to a clean energy system.

For getting expected changes, it is essential to retrofit up to 26 million homes by 2050. This much big numbers in retrofitment can be achieved by utilizing the smart solution to get quick but effective results as per the set standards. The smart solution can be Scan to BIM which helps to digitize the building for detailed information before starting actual modifications.


Importance of Adoption of Scan to BIM for Digitizing before remodeling of houses 


The construction targets are set by the government which gets the funding to develop digital technologies and offsite manufacturing processes. Increasing focus on digital technologies in retrofitment projects can enhance the value as well as the performance of present buildings. The adoption of emerging technologies like AI/ML with Scan to BIM is creating an upsurge of innovation which we can see in the next 10 years. For reducing the carbon emissions of existing buildings, Scan to BIM can be a perfect solution if it is linked with facility management which can help to estimate complete costing and incorporations into the models. 

Scan to BIM can help to digitize the building or existing assets which we can further update, modify or develop, and also can get details of different developments. The impacts of Scan to BIM on offsite manufacturing helped to increase the quality of building materials, helped to minimize the overall construction cost, and also helped to reduce construction waste. Adoption of Scan to BIM for digitizing the buildings before remodeling is helping to reduce destructive effects in construction before starting initial construction.


The role of our ML-powered Scan to BIM Automation in home remodeling under COP26/ Net carbon zero initiative

Scan to BIM

Retrofitment of existing homes for making them energy efficient has become a crucial aspect in the UK which helps them to achieve Net Zero goals by 2050. Hence, social housing providers are looking for an effective and efficient solution for retrofitting their housing stock. An effective solution is Scan to BIM technology which is helping in home improvements and remodeling for COP26.


ML-based Scan to BIM Automation

Our Scan to BIM technology converts the scanned data i.e., point cloud data of UK houses into the 3D BIM model Automatically. The automation based on AI/ML is making this process faster which is helping to get as-built data of existing constructions. The technology has proved valuable in retrofitment and refurbishment projects because of benefits such as:

  • It can provide energy calculations automatically from the BIM model which helps in the decision making
  • A virtual Digital prototype helps in better Decision making. 
  • The entire process of scanning and digitizing the house for retrofitment is faster and thus cheaper 


How nCircle is supporting COP26 initiatives with this Technology

nCircle Tech is using this Scan to BIM Automation to make home retrofitment faster and more decisive. We are supporting the home retrofitment decision for the COP26 initiative in the EU/UK by offering AI/ML-based Scan to BIM solutions for digitizing the building designs. 

Check our latest video for the result of Automated Scan to BIM for Residencial Remodeling:

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