How AI/ML increasing workflow efficiency of BIM

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How AI/ML increasing workflow efficiency of BIM

AI and ML are the buzzwords for now, specifically in the Construction Industry because no other technology has the potential to amend the complete building life cycle. BIM emerged by leveraging the power of AI and ML to process the data which meets the demands of the AEC industry. Constant up-gradation in AI/ ML can bring a huge change in the industry which can enhance the overall workflow management.

In the coming five years, AI/ML will bring new technological advancements to BIM which can include advanced digitization, soundproof construction, 3D structures, modular assemblies, modern buildings, and nanomaterials. AI/ML-based BIM has the feature of smooth and easy task scheduling and forecasting which enhances the speed of project completion.

AI/ ML assisted BIM in contributing to accident prevention, project management, design implementation and visualization, and also in land surveying. Adoption of AI and ML in pre-construction processes, post-construction work, and construction project management is enhancing nowadays.

Incorporation of AI/ML in BIM

The timely adoption of AI and ML in BIM can help make significant improvements in the current complicated and partly manual workflows of the AEC industry. Along with the benefits like efficient performance, simplifying optimized designs, and faster project completion, there are a lot many benefits which are making AI/ML a prime factor in the BIM.

  • AI enhances safety on the construction site
  • ML saves ample time and cost of rework
  • Risk mitigation and management are easier than before
  • Ensure to plan sustainable structure
  • Accuracy, speed, and easy execution are prime benefits

Future adoptions and incorporations of AI/ML in BIM will be more beneficial for the development of the Construction industry.

What changes is AI/ ML bringing in BIM?

Technology in construction has perceived a lot of investment in the last few years which is stimulated digitization. This has changed the ways of management of projects, processes, and teams by applying useful technologies. AI/ML-powered tools are offering more utility in the construction industry and hence, nCircle Tech is providing different tools which are making potential impacts.

Here are some examples of ML-based tools relevant to BIM

  • Robot Pathfinding using Reinforcement Learning

ML-powered Pathfinding is the solution for the robots to plan the path of reaching a target destination in changing/same indoor environment by considering several parameters for decision making. To find an optimized solution, this robot uses the Reinforcement Learning (RL) technique which learns by itself on the basis of feedback received from the environment for performing an action and for making decisions. ML-based Pathfinding helps to find a path by adhering to different constraints like obstacles, radiation, etc. 

  • Machine Learning powered Scan-to-BIM

Scan to BIM is now not only a part of making 3D models but is also an integral part of the renovation, reconstruction, and many other post-construction projects. Machine Learning in the Scan to BIM helps to enhance its capabilities to make the model creation process more perfect and accurate. This advancement in BIM helps to deliver effective solutions, and quick and reliable results and offers robust deliverables which are saving time, cost of rework, reducing risk, and eliminating errors. 

  •    ML-based Floor Detection for 2D to 3D for Quantity takeoff

For detecting Floors of the building, it is required to check 2D designs in detail so that floors can be detected to create the 3D design of the building. In this process, the power of Machine Learning is leveraged to make 3D designs. Machine Learning helps to make this process faster, and easier, and make it suitable for simple as well as complex designs. This advancement of AI/ML is helping to save time, reduce manual work, and increase accuracy in dependable tasks of Floor Detection.

  •   OCR or Optical Character Recognition (ML-based)

An OCR uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) for processing but AI/ML has completely transformed the process with a lot of progress. AI/ML is helping to minimize shortcomings and allows to preprocess documents which benefit working efficiently in case of complexity. Human errors and manual work in copying, searching, sharing, and finalizing the data makes operations slower which is overcome by using ML-based OCR

 BIM Voice Assistant 

BIM Voice Assistant allows users to review and modify the model by giving voice commands. This makes design-related activities easier which helps to optimize routine tasks for increasing team proficiency. The construction industry has benefited from a lot of advancements in AI/ ML and Voice Assistant is one of the solutions to improve the productivity of workflow and to help many professionals like architects, non-technical stakeholders, new members, and others who are involved in projects.

  •   ML enabling Safety at the Construction site

Safety measures on construction sites during and post-COVID are a primary precaution and an integral factor. It will be a time-consuming process to personally check the safety equipment of every member on site. And, Machine Learning solves this issue by enhancing the capability of detection and inspection. ML-based Mask/Unmask checks the presence of safety equipment/ mask and in case of absence, it alerts the system to notify it. It can be implemented for checking construction safety equipment also.


The ever-growing development in BIM is every time unfolded by emergent technologies like AI and ML. Implementation of these technologies allows AEC companies to eliminate inefficiencies that are making processes slower and improving the completion speed of projects.

By keeping the need and demand for BIM in mind, nCircle Tech is offering newer solutions to organizations belonging to the AEC industry. We are leveraging the power of AI and ML to deliver the next solutions for project management.

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