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With the rapid pace at which the world is evolving, one has to keep tab of certain industries’ growth, and always stay a step ahead to counter competition. One such industry that is helping all the others grow is technology, and tech trends and advancements have drastically changed the functioning of AEC and manufacturing especially.

Speaking of disruptive tech, Autodesk Forge has been a booming technology for the AEC industry. It encapsulates cloud-based developer tools from Autodesk that can help digital growth across the industry. The Forge viewer is basically a WebGL-based, JavaScript library for 3D and 2D model rendering, which makes lives simpler for both, the creator and the viewer. Its ability to render model data within browser is outstanding. It enables your website to display 3D and 2D model data across multiple applications, such as AutoCAD, Fusion 360, Revit, and many more that. By embedding the Viewer in a web page, it provides great clarity and excellent user experience.

The most remarkable feature it supports is more than 60+ building and manufacturing file formats, but that’s not the only reason it’s awesome. (

Autodesk Forge provides developers with the following 3D visualization capabilities:

  • Forge Viewer to provide the 3D visualization capabilities.
  • Design Automation API to Automate tasks by running scripts on your design files in the cloud
  • Data Management API to upload and download files.
  • Model Derivative API to translate multiple file types.
  • BIM 360 API Integrate with the Autodesk BIM 360 platform
  • Reality capture API Convert digital images into high resolution textured meshes

nCircle Tech has leveraged Forge APIs to embed browser-based 3D visualizers for many customers

Forge provides capabilities to customize the appearance and behavior of the viewer. We at nCircle tech have worked on many applications which require viewer customization for different purposes and developing these functionalities is not easy. But with the help of Forge we can add custom tool buttons and UI elements in Forge Viewer, thus integrating features in the viewer as per the needs and requirements of the end user. Forge also provides a library for 2D & 3D Markups. Using these tools, we have created a viewer customization such that users can add 2D & 3D Markups in the BIM model. One can link issues, annotations to that markups, which guides field engineers on how to better visualize the instructions, making the entire experience so much more seamless.

Forge has simplified the scheduling and planning for software. We have also worked on a Forge based application that can be used for scheduling & planning of construction process. This app enables massive cost savings for construction, and simplifies the process of construction planning. It also helped us read the BIM data set in the BIM model using Model derivative APIs. Using this ability, we created viewer customization to get the required properties of the BIM model, added some scheduling parameters in the application & generated a complete schedule for construction process. Based on the scheduling created in the 3D model viewer’s playback functionality, the application helps users in visualizing how components will build over time.

Another trend in the industry is to compare your BIM model data with live scanned model data. We have worked on achieving true comparisons between BIM model data & scanned model data i.e. point cloud data. We are working on an application that would render the BIM model data & point cloud data within same viewer, which could enable seamless inspection work in manufacturing and construction.

Autodesk Forge gives us many examples that demonstrates multiple features and functionalities. Our team has used the existing solutions & added our very own layers of innovation to meet the client’s requirements for viewer customization & BIM-related automation.

With help of nCircle Tech, our customers have created opportunities to become part of the BIM 360 ecosystems by synchronizing the users BIM360 data into their application using BIM 360 APIs, and we have also been able to provide services to existing Autodesk BIM 360 customers. Connect your application to BIM360, to avoid duplication of data, automate manual tasks, or to make your application more valuable for your customers.

Author: Ravindra Ramole & Ajit Kenjale.

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