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A never-ending mountain of work, struggle in project execution, and missing resources, are the permanent problems in the AEC industry that are bothering project managers and these reasons are not enough to extend the decided deadline. Stretching your tight project schedules and work hours cannot be a solution to these challenges. 

Outsourcing your product development is rapidly changing the fallouts in the industry and helping to maintain the project executions. In BIM services, outsourcing can help you to overcome organizational challenges as well as technical challenges while delivering BIM projects.

Is the BIM outsourcing approach a perfect solution for Construction Industry? Is it worth and how can it help? Let’s understand this topic and related important things.


Why is BIM outsourcing beneficial?

BIM outsourcing service helps you to maintain the quality and deadlines of the projects. This solution enables you to get the guidance of a brilliant team of experts who can assist you to overcome challenges in projects and improving accuracy. 

By focusing on core competencies and upgrading them, you can increase efficiency, reduce errors, and minimize the overall duration require for completing the project. BIM outsourcing service mainly helps to solve in-house production issues and support your design team in improving productivity. 

So, why do contractors choose to outsource their BIM?

  • Lack of in-house talent to work on the project
  • To increase the quality and proficiency of the project
  • To save maximum time and cost
  • To get benefit if accessing the latest tools, and expertise
  • To get scalable resources to work

Apart from these basic reasons, there are a lot of reasons which make BIM Outsourcing Service more preferable and more convenient to choose. If you look at the benefits of this service, you will definitely get the worth and reasons to select it over in-house modeling. Here are the benefits of the BIM Outsourcing Service:

  • Perfectly reduces workload while working in a tight project schedule
  •  Increase management as well as collaboration
  •  Helps to stimulate and visualize the project
  •  Reduces risk and errors in the project by sorting the work structure
  •  Enhances performance, process, and quality of a project
  • Helps to complete the project within budget and deadlines
  •  Increases accuracy, efficiency, and speed of the project
  •  Increase profitability on the overall project cost


Which BIM Services you can Outsource?

You can outsource a lot of BIM services which can enable you to make better collaborations, better project estimation, and execution, and also can help you to solve issues related to scheduling, quality control, and streamlining various construction procedures. As per your need, you can choose BIM outsourcing services. Here is a list of BIM outsourcing services:

  • Architectural BIM Services
  • Scan to BIM Services
  • BIM Clash Detection & Resolution
  • BIM Rendering & Walkthrough Services
  • BIM Revit Family Creation
  • Interdisciplinary Clash Coordination
  • Structural BIM Services
  • 3D Modelling and Rendering Services
  • 3D BIM Modeling Visualization
  • 4D BIM Planning, Scheduling, and Sequencing
  • 5D BIM Cost Estimation & Quantity Take-Offs


What are the mistakes to avoid while outsourcing BIM services?

Now, the question is how to choose a suitable BIM outsourcing partner? Getting better solutions and services is everyone’s priority but what if you make mistake while choosing a BIM Outsourcing service?

Whenever you are outsourcing, the major thing to keep in mind is that never comprise quality and time. But, you surely need to avoid these 4 mistakes while outsourcing your BIM services.


Not finalizing Scope of Work (SoW)

As everyone knows, the Scope of Work is the initial process to start work which includes a clear idea of project deadlines, project-specific activities, and deliverables. Deciding detailed SoW helps to avoid misunderstanding and confusion in the work, to maintain confidentiality in the project information, and to get confirmation on the timelines. By maintaining transparency in SoW, you and your outsourcing partner can make better coordination and communication on project-related things. 


Compromising the quality of Samples

Ensuring the work and its quality before starting the deal is always better to get an idea about the level of dedication and focus of your outsourcing partner. Checking the sample precisely can give you confirmation of getting satisfying output from your BIM outsourcing partner. This helps to avoid misunderstanding and also can help to ensure that the organization is following SoW properly and delivering the project with the expected superiority.


Not confirming File Setup

File setup includes technical things related to the project, standards, and sample processes which help to decide the basic structure of the project. In this structure, your outsourcing partner is going to work and hence it is important to avoid errors in the file setup. It might take time but it will be beneficial to avoid mistakes while developing the project/models than rectifying them after the completion of the project. This step is important to get your project done as per the SoW and technical expectations.


Ignoring the tracking of daily progress

Once the BIM outsourcing partner starts working on the project, it is most important to track your project on daily basis. This helps to maintain the hold on your project and to make changes wherever required. Daily progress tracking is helpful to check the status of the project, check the quality and expected standards of work, and maintain the speed of completion. You and your team can track the progress online and can get things done by just coordinating with your outsourcing partner.

quality control

By avoiding these mistakes, you will get satisfying output from your outsourcing partner. But at your end, it’s your responsibility to check the quality of work. Adding QC level in the workflow can minimize errors in the project and will improve precision. This can be done simultaneously by tracking the progress of work which can save time and add accuracy to work.



What will you choose- BIM insourcing or BIM outsourcing?

Definitely, BIM in-housing has the potential to solve issues immediately and minimize the risks. But can you do more and more projects by choosing in-house BIM development? BIM outsourcing services increase up to 50-60% of profitability on a single project and it’s safe if you are avoiding the above mistakes.

Are you looking for a BIM Outsourcing partner? nCircle Tech is here with all the above-listed BIM services to offer timely and quality-assured service. We are delivering the projects by following all the technical standards. For more details, you can connect with our experts and also can set up a free call for inquiries.

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